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Festival Persichetti 6thEdition ENG

Festival Musicale Vincent Persichetti is about to start!  FMVP will take place in August from 16th to 27th with four exciting concerts between Marche and Abruzzo.

manif_festival_ago_2016 (per facebook)

The first concert will be in Torricella Peligna on August 16th with a special guest: the awesome soprano Valentina Coladonato Valentina Coladonato website. She’s a very talented soprano who performed in the biggest European theatres:  Teatro alla Scala di Milano, Opéra National de Paris, Salzburger Festspiele, Musikverein di Vienna, Concertgebow di Amsterdam and many more.  She will perform a musical journey through italian and spanish music with me (guitar) and Roberta Serpilli (piano): Persichetti will be play too, as well as composers like Bellini, Tosti, De Falla, Grandos.

There’s a very interesting thing to know about Bellini! His granfather was a musician from Torricella Peligna and he emigrated in Sicily, so Bellini Vincenzo is from Torricella like Vincent Persichetti (the fact that they had the same name in not a coincidence) … that’s the reason why we decided to perform Bellini this year!

Next concert is in Torricella on August 18th with Quartetto d’Archi “Accademia degli Orfei” an ensemble founded by Cristina Palucci (first violin) in Milan on 2001. This ensemble perform as string orchestral as well as chamber music ensemble. They will be in Torricella as string quartet and they will perform an enjoyable programm with Persichetti string quartet Op. 7, Vivaldi Concerto with me as guitar soloist and then Mozart and Piazzolla.

That will be a great concert so we decided to do it again in Falconara on August 21st. The concert will be in Corte del Castello di Falconara Alta and the programm will be the same…I’m sure people will love it!

Last concert of the Festival (but not least, of course!) will be in Osimo on August 27th with a “girlish” piano duet four-hands: Dalia Bartoli from Florence and our Roberta Serpilli. Last year they met in London and they decided to play together. They already did several concerts in Toscana and Marche  and studied with De Simone and Masi. They will perform Persichetti, Schubert, Brahms. This concert will be amazing because the girls are very talented and the location is breathtaking!

If you want to know more and you couldn’t come ….check out our website AssociazionePersichetti website and you can dowload the entire program DOWLOAD THE PROGRAM!

Free admission for all events … I hope to see you there!!



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